Thursday, April 1, 2010

Old Songs > New Grooves!

It was back in 1939 that Glenn Miller first recorded his classic song, “In the Mood”. A subsequent Brazilian version, with Portuguese lyrics was composed and recorded in 1954 by Aloysio de Oliveira, whose orchestra Bando da Lua (The Band from the Moon), accompanied Carmen Miranda on her tour of the U.S.A. This samba version combines the talent of radical punk-rocker, Pitti, with hard-core rapper, Marcelo D2, in an interesting and swinging rendition of this timeless classic! But, check out the guys back in the percussion kitchen, cooking up a hot and spicy samba jam!

And, here’s an impromptu jam with my soul brother, Daniel Figueiredo, and mutual bro, Claudio da Matta. We were all in a recording studio in São Conrado, mixing video for another project, ( when we took a break and pulled out some instruments, just for the fun of it. As we set up, with no previous rehearsal, a swift video assistant scooped up a minicam and registered this first-take of us experimenting with a new groove for the bossa classic, Wave”. Now, all of a sudden, besides all of our other individual and collective projects, we’re considering building up a repertoire for this trio.

Daniel Figueiredo is one of Brazil’s premier television soundtrack composers and producers, as well as a gifted multi-instrumentalist. Claudio da Matta, a former Olympic athlete medalist, is a proven composer, vocalist and guitarist.

Later this month in Rio, I'll be featured in a show with saxophonist Ricardo Serpa's "Quarteto Aquariando", at the Santo Cenarium theater! Don't miss it!

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