Friday, August 21, 2009

No More Borders for Music Creation

Hello, Good People!

I Just had the surprise pleasure of receiving, via snail-mail, a brand-new CD by John Raymond Pollard, titled, “Dreams”! Doubling my pleasure is the fact that I participated on his project, playing acoustic and electronic percussion.

Also, very satisfying is that my participation took place here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Upon the invitation to perform on the CD, I asked John to ftp the wav. files to a site of mine, from where I downloaded the material to the Music Solution Studio, where I do the majority of my production and recording work.

While I rehearsed through the material, John mailed a disc with the music files (to avoid any file corruption), which is what I used for my actual percussion overdubs.
And, check it out; we´ve done 3 CDs in this exact same way!

Here are the covers of the other albums: “Character” and “Passion, Poison, and Politik".

The use of technology for blending the creative collaboration of artists, no matter where they may be on the planet, is also what The Musical Nations Project is all about! All of the tracks available for listening have been created in this fashion. Very soon, there will be new collaborations to check out and enjoy, so be sure to check back here (or at for upcoming downloadable music.

Also, stay on the alert for a new CD release by poet, author, composer, professor, Diem Jones; aka Dr. Hug M. Joy (….of former notoriety as Dr. Fladimir MS Woo…!). His next project is said to be titled, “Triumph of the Spirit”, and there´s no doubt that it will be replete with clarity-inducing melodies, allied to an enlightening and compassionately delivered vocal beacon.

On a side note about a topic which concerns me deeply – Lydia Guevara (Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s grand-daughter) is the new poster-girl for PETA’s (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals) South American campaign!

And, it always inspires me to find fresh new talent from whom I can learn a thing or two! Check out this young Drum Brother by the name of Onur Il, from Istanbul! (And, thanks for turning me on to this, Kenny!)

It´s a beautiful thing!

Keep On Drumming!!!