Friday, June 29, 2012

While The Beatles were the primary influence in sparking my interest in becoming a musician, it was, without doubt, the Santana Band that defined the direction that I would take! Up until their international debut within the Woodstock movie, I had been trying my hand at playing guitar, bass and keyboards (as well as doing vocals!) in various Puertorican teenage cover bands, reproducing British and American rock songs, performing mostly at parties and such.

Moving to the States in 1970, the rug was literally pulled out from under my feet when I witnessed this Latino- rock-fusion band, composed of cats that resembled street hoods and that anchored their mesmerizing sound around the beats and tones of the conga drums! I was hooked! And, I haven’t looked back since.

These clips portray the original Santana Band line-up, with Michael Carabello on congas, Jose “Chepito” Areas on timbales, and Mike Shrieve on trap drums…all of whom I’ve since met and hung out with during my own professional touring.

Enjoy the hot, fiery grooves!