Friday, April 9, 2010

Gilberto Gil and Marjorie Estiano - Chiclete Com Banana

Here’s another video clip from a great show which features former Brazilian Minister of Culture, singer/composer Gilberto Gil and singer/actor Marjorie Estiano. Originally from Bahia, Gil is totally at home in the samba genre, although he has composed prolifically in almost every style of music, including rock and reggae. Marjorie, on the other hand, is not that experienced with this style, but she manages to defend her presentation with her sense of stage presence and her appealing tonal quality.

While Marjorie is totally committed to her heartfelt vocal delivery, Gil’s natural charisma and exuberant artistry quickly evidence why he has always been a musical powerhouse in Brazil and around the world. An accomplished guitarist, as well, Gil’s enthusiasm is as contagious as it is over-powering! However, the experienced and consummately confident entertainer that he is, provides him with the insight of knowing exactly when to physically lift up Marjorie to his own level. And, rise she does!

This song is performed really jazzy and we can see that the band is performing with a cool reverence that denotes the respect and sheer awe that everybody feels in the presence of Gil. The drummers keep the groove burning at an even smolder, maintaining a controlled wicked infectious swing all the way through song, which Gil flipped into an improvised vocal jam. There is even a cat playing a small frying pan, which is mentioned in the lyrics of the song!

Brazilian audiences love to see their artists dancing to their own groove. It’s appreciated as the artist’s surrender to the most elemental of instinctual human pleasure for the benefit of the audience. And, Gil throws down, on the hoof, with total natural abandon, much to the crowd’s delight! Even band director, Rildo Hora is totally mesmerized by the magic of the moment, so much so, that Gil directs the finale of the song.

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