Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Frank Colon Page on!

Sheeesh….. wow, it’s been soooo long since I posted anything on this blog!!! And, it’s not like I haven’t been writing, because I’m now into this “10-page-minimum/day” campaign in relation to the (at present) three books that I’m working on. Two are a practical “how-to” books, (which has inspired interest from a certain Brazilian publishing house! while the third is a novel, written in first person. And, that’s about as much as I feel like I wan to say about these projects, on this public forum, at this time….. ;-)

In the meantime, bassist extraordinaire, Rob Fried, has released a fine contemporary CD titled, "Water Rhapsody".

Produced and recorded by Paul Averinos at his Studio Unicorn, in Redding, Ct., this great record also features the flute of Steve Gorn, Marion Meadows on soprano sax, and Chris Parker on drums. I, happily, contribute percussion to six pf the CDs songs.

The Vic Firth, Inc. company’s web department has recently re-designed their artist endorser roster’s web page on their mother-ship site. It’s got a cool, modern look to it…check it out here:

Here’s another great jam by some cool cats, led by bassist and friend, Tony Cimorosi, on his album titled, "Horizon".

Included on this hot CD are Randy Brecker on trumpet, Alex Foster on sax, and Alejandro Garcia on drums. I also contribute percussion to the entire album, including some innovative work with the Bata drums!

Another album well worth your while to check out is titled, "Language of Secret Hearts", by English reedman and wind-synth pioneer, Clive Stevens!

This very interesting CD features the keyboard and production skills of Steve Gaboury (recently touring with Cindy Lauper), Jeff Golub on guitar, J.T. Lewis on drums.

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