Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On My Way To The Big Apple



You know, with so many virtual points of access, I’m actually finding it very tricky to tend to the demands of my official music site, the myspace site, my Krav Maga site, the facebook pages, the Linked-In friends, the new Krav Maga Brazil site (in construction) Sonico….. Orkut….. LastFM…….. how does one do it without hiring a staff of web techies just to stay afloat and keep one’s head above the water? Wheeewwwww……..!

As I quickly peck this text into my desktop in my office at Margo’s university (www.fij.br), I look at my watch, knowing that In about 3 hours I’ll be catching a plane for NYC. The time has arrived for landing in the city in order to rehearse the band that I’m taking with me to a tour of Russia, during the month of October.

Now, for the concerts in Moscow at the Spaso House (the cultural venue sponsored by the US Embassy) as well as for the concert at Tchaikovsky Hall, I have invited premier Russian guitarist, Roman Miroshnichenko, to participate on some of songs, as my special guest! Roman and I have been performing together on various different projects over the last few years and, aside from developing an exciting musical camaraderie, we have become good friends! He, in turn, has requested that I participate of his upcoming 2009 European tour… an invitation which I have gladly accepted. More info about Roman can be viewed at his cool site – www.romanmiroshnichenko.com !

Next week, my friend and partner, Daniel Figueiredo (musician, producer for TV Record, owner of Music Solution Studio) and his wife, singer Luciana Spedo (Banda Blitz, Divas) will be visiting New York City and staying with me and Margo, at our Manhattan Upper West Side flat, overlooking Central Park. It'll be their first time in NYC, so we'll be sure to make it a most memorable experience for them! Please check out our collaborative project, www.musicalnationproject.com and please feel free to contribute artistically to this worthy cause!

And, by the way, I have been sent some more of the posters that are being displayed around some of the Siberian cities which I’ll be performing at. I've inserted them in this report for you to check them out…….

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